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Tandia - Ancaster

Location: Ancaster (Hamilton), ON
Completed: 2020
Size: 7,500 SF

Tandia Financial’s branch location in Ancaster (Hamilton) was established to accommodate strategic growth for the company. Their primary goals in the design of the new space were twofold: to attract and retain talent while manifesting their core values of innovation and quality. To address these goals, SDI Design was tasked with the design challenge of creating a new workplace archetype centered on client experience and social context of the local team.

The design of the new space nods to both the company’s strong history in the community and the future mission of the company. Focusing on workflow and adjacencies, hard walls are clustered at the core of the building to provide wayfinding and an intuitive sense of order and structured space. Designed with the concept of Neighbourhood Quadrants in mind, each neighbourhood has a central common space break-out area with a unique visual identity and residential design touches that provide spaces for concentrated work and informal collaboration/socialization. These quadrants are further differentiated by having an individual ambiance based on one of the four seasons.

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