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Mother Parker

Location: Mississauga, ON
Completed: 2022
Size: 32,500 SF

MPTC is a major coffee importer, roaster, and distributer with a campus in Mississauga. The project is for their head office and Client Experience Centre.

Full scope Interior Design project, including coordination of entire project team: Mechanical, Electrical, Communications and Structural engineering consultants, Architect (life safety, elevator shaft, etc.), Security, and Audio Visual, as well as client representatives. In depth design development with client team for user experience centre including removal of partial floor to create double height space. Additionally, extensive coordination with client representatives for design & engineering of beverage tasting labs. Optimization of workplace to accommodate realignment of organization, including Stacking & Blocking, Space Planning, Design Development, Contract Documents, participation in Tender and award of Construction Manager. After most of the design & documentation had been completed the space was re-designed to respond to COVID-19. Currently under construction, our ongoing responsibilities include Contract Administration, Weekly Site Review, Deficiency Inspections & follow-up coordination. We developed workstation standards, conducted furniture showroom tours, and coordinated furniture procurement. We will monitor delivery & phased installation and inspect all installations.

This project includes the addition of new skylights onto building roof, new lift for barrier free access to second floor, and new convenience staircase between floors, all designed, drawn & coordinated by SDI. In addition project scope included consolidation of existing and new Roof Top Units for enhanced energy performance.

Site parking validation undertaken by Architect under contract to SDI.

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