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Location: Toronto, ON
Completed: 2019
Size: 20,000 SF

Kira Systems chose their name (the word Kira refers to ray or beam of light in the Sanskrit language) to metaphorically refer to the abilities of its machine learning software. It sifts through reams of legal documents, efficiently identifying clauses and data their clients need to access: it illuminates the information they need to know!

Guests arrive to Kira after navigating the visual noise of King Street and a multi-tenant office corridor into a reception area that redefines focus with a colourless space and strong light sources. As the visitor transits into the Kira space, they effectively pass through a prism and emerge into an environment of colourful refracted light.

The need for a lightning fast (see what we did there?!) relocation helped us in making the environmentally friendly decision to retain existing offices lining the general office floor areas. A simple enhancement with paint and window film reflecting the colours of the spectrum instantly enlivened the floor space.

A central collaboration hub/ scrum room returns to a neutral palette to help focus developers’ ideation and enhance the functionality of technology-driven media.

Finally, the south-facing, light-flooded café/ town hall space where the hard-working staff come together to unwind, returns to the theme of the rainbow in celebration of the diversity of the people that power the organization.

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