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February 7, 2019

Joanne Chan

SDI designed a 2 storey high cardboard giraffe made from recycled cardboard boxes for the 2019 DesignTO festival.

The concept came about when the daughter of SDI’s Director of Project Design Glenn Cheng was assigned a school project to create something out of cardboard with a lesson plan of environmental sustainability. Initially she wanted to make a dollhouse, but she was encouraged by her father to think bigger, outside of the metaphorical box. They came up with the Cardboard Giraffe. SDI took this a step further and teamed up with InterfaceFLOR and Teknion to create a life sized Cardboard Giraffe in an effort to raise awareness on environmental sustainability and wildlife conservation.

Despite the fact that some will be recycled, every year there are over 90 billion cardboard boxes being discarded. “While the graphic pattern on their cardboard packaging makes the perfect design for the body of the giraffe, Interface is also a company with a very ambitious environmental sustainability goal, naming their Mission Zero and Climate Take Back initiatives” Glenn said. He goes on to say “We learned that giraffes have recently been added to the list of endangered species and we want to further give back to the community and take action on wildlife conservation. We’re proud to say we were able to raise $2000 in donations for WWF-Canada during the DesignTO Festival.

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