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Location: Markham, ON
Completed: 2017
Size: 8,500 SF

Urbantech is a leader in the field of Land Development Engineering. In their new home they wanted nothing less than to update the image of an engineering office, and in so doing communicate to their staff and clients that the firm is innovative and responsive.

By virtue of the roles that both technology and teamwork play in engineering, collaboration is a natural way of working and is reflected in many of the spaces within the Urbantech office, from open meeting spaces to document reference areas to the employee lunchroom. In addition, the company wanted to celebrate both the materiality and compelling imagery of its state of the art engineering solutions. As such SDI has provided a palate that includes concrete, wood (in both processed and less refined states), allusion to grass and other groundcover, and even relics of the end results of their work such as manhole covers. All of these are complemented by and referenced in large scale photographs of some of the company’s massive engineering works.

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