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Location: Toronto, ON
Completed: 2016
Size: 4,600 SF

mform Construction Group is a growing customer-focused construction management firm. When it came time to build themselves new office space they turned to SDI to help them realize their objective of providing a modern workspace which clearly demonstrates to both staff and clients their core values.

Within the shell of a semi-industrial space we shaped a highly functional work environment with honest and unpretentious materials and clean lines. One of mform’s core values is to provide staff with a space that embodies the company’s culture of being hardworking, smart, and fun to do business with. Other values include transparency, honesty, integrity, and a respect for the tradespeople who are the backbone of their success as constructors. Our solution was to create spaces that are simply organized for clarity of orientation, that use basic construction materials such as raw concrete, drywall, and wood cladding in a lighthearted way, that are well detailed to demonstrate the company’s construction prowess, and which have a strikingly modern feel (including integration of the interior design with mform’s strong branding graphics) to demonstrate their focus on being a contemporary, communication-driven and technology-empowered business.

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