WRK kit @ interior design show

A portable workplace, that can be configured according to your workplace personality.


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SDI Design teamed up with Microsoft and Giant Containers to design a highly flexible, pop-up workspace inside a shipping container that can be reconfigured according to one’s personality.

 The 2019 collaboration titled WRKkit focuses on the fact that every human is intrinsically different. There are introverts and extroverts, people that use the right side or the left side of the brain, people who are tall and people who are short. Yet, many workplaces are still designed predominantly using one-size-fits-all solutions.

The installation will gave visitors the opportunity to discover their ‘ideal’ configuration by taking an interactive workplace personality test. The results show 7 different typical configurations and provide advice about which activities best suit their personality and which technological devices are most supportive.

Real estate availability in 2019 dropped to almost 1%, so companies need to rethink how their spaces are being utilized. SDI views WRKkit as an initial prototype for the future of work, where the workspace changes according to its users rather than forcing the user to conform.

 The concept was inspired when SDI moved into their new studio and they saw major improvements in their teams’ workstyles and productivity. “Our old space didn’t allow for the flexibility of working in different environments. Seeing our staff utilize the studio in a very different way reaffirmed our belief that one-size solutions don’t work” Says creative director Noam Hazan.

 WRKkit was be displayed at the Interior Design Show 2019. The configuration changed every 3 hours throughout the show so that visitors could see their optimum configuration in real time.

Project Details

Location: Interior Design Show Toronto, Ontario
Completed: 2019
Size: 160 sq ft

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