10 Hottest Design Trends from NeoCon 2019

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NeoCon provides a great glimpse into the design trends of 2019.

If you were there you may have noticed some prominent emerging trends that were visible throughout the show. If you couldn’t make it, here are some of the trends we think will be huge this year!

no.1 - now you see us, now you don’t


In response to issues of privacy and focus from the open concept workplace, product designers have heard our complaints and are introducing drapery into the workplace.

Easy to open and close, cheaper than glass and flexible, drapery is a perfect enhancement of the ‘breakout space’.

Taking it a step further, companies are using both light and permeable drapes as well as sound absorbing materials to give that extra privacy.

no.2 - it ‘felt’ quieter


Again in response to privacy and the inability to focus, there has been a big increase in sound absorbing materials. We noticed this material on wall panels, screens and even light shades.

The most popular material is a felt like product made from recycled plastic water bottles.

Companies include: buzzispace, de vorm, Luxx box, Zintra

no.3 - think inside the box


Finally, on the theme of privacy and focus, there has been a huge push in the realm of the personal phonebooth. Framery made a big statement with a feature booth on the ground floor and a large footprint on the 7th floor. Great for videoconferencing!

Companies to look out for: ROOM, jabbrrbox, Snapcab, Narbutas, Silenspace, The Loop (Canadian)

no. 4 - red hot!


Millennial pink has matured into an ombre of reds and pinks. Rather than contrasting colours, we saw a lot of examples of a single colour that was applied with many tones. When there was a contrast, it was mostly tones of green.

 no. 5 - going green


Greens were everywhere! Likely influenced by biophilic design, companies have introduced multiple tones of greens throughout their collections.

no. 6 - the europeans!


It’s no surprise that Europe produces an exceptionally high quality level of design. Some of the notable companies are (top left, clockwise):

De Vorm (Netherlands) - A really innovative company that produces furniture from the recycled water bottle materials.

Buzzispace (Belgium) - Also focused around acoustics and privacy, they have a series of flexible products that can be screened using acoustical drapery.

Cascando (Netherlands) - their slogan is complementing spaces. Cascando creates complimentary furniture such as whiteboards, privacy screens and coat hangers.

NaughtOne (UK) - A really high level of design, now under the Herman Miller brand.

no. 7 - office or meeting room?


Offices are no longer ‘exclusive’ and are being designed with meeting areas that can be used by other staff when the Exec’ is not there. In order not to sacrifice valuable square footage, height adjustable desks were positioned against the wall. Geiger One was a great example of this, where the worktop can double as a meeting desk.

no.8 - bar height meetings


We expect other companies to take note of NaughtOne’s high booth. A really cozy and casual way to meet. The owner described it as a solution for activating circulation spaces.

no.9 - power to the people!


Steelcase killed it with their new flex mobile power stations, that can charge three laptops all day on a single charge. The new Microsoft hub can also last for 100 minutes on a single charge and can move around the office on an easel.

Knoll also came out with the new antenna bench, which sits on casters and can bring power to three stations from a single outlet. This technology will have a big impact on how we design space, allowing designers to be much more flexible and not have to always rely on the existing architecture.

no.10 - skinny legs!


Probably the sleekest height adjustable on the market, the Cloud9 table by Watson is beautifully designed. Two flush buttons lift and drop the desk and it’s legs are probably thinner than my non height adjustable desk. Truly pioneering design.

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