Cardboard Giraffe

A few years ago, SDI Senior Project Designer Glenn Cheng’s daughter came to him for help with her school project. Her brief was to design and build something with cardboard and present it to her class. Originally, she wanted to build a doll house, but Glenn encouraged her to think differently. He wanted her to think outside of the metaphorical (and physical) box and to create something that was more meaningful.

Cardboard Giraffe symbolizes a child’s connection to nature and love for animals. Glenn used this school project as an opportunity to talk about environmental sustainability issues and wildlife conservation with his daughter, who is part of the next generation. We hope this installation will also inspire others to think differently and to ask themselves the following questions:

- Is there a way to ensure one person’s waste can be another’s natural resource?

- For better or worse, as the stewards of our planet, how can we best serve the interests of the worlds vulnerable biodiversity?


Giving Back

We have decided to use Cardboard Giraffe as an opportunity to fundraise for WWF’s efforts to conserve at risk species and are counting on you to help us reach our goal.

Thank you for supporting our fundraiser and our planet!

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Cardboard Giraffe Was in the News!

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